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PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Fabrics

PTFE it self is a highly versatile product with well know remarkable properties and fiberglass is well known as an excellent material in terms of its high temperature resistance and dimensionally stability. Combination of these two materials gives one product of practically unsurpassed utility and value with following properties:

PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Fabrics
  • High release from sticky materials 'Non stick' smooth surface
  • Operating temperature range -50”ĘC to +260”ĘC
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High electrical insulative and dielectric properties
  • Dimensional stabilities under heat and pressure
  • Low electrical losses
  • Mildew and fungus resistance
  • Ultra-Violet, infra-Red, Micro-wave, radio frequency resistance

Selected woven glass fabrics are coated with PTFE resin. It is available with a surface profile that ranges from super smooth with a high PTFE content to one that is textured. It can be produced with a controlled porosity or with special electrical characteristics. It is utilized in sheet form, in slitted rolls, fabricated pieces and as the base material for process conveyor belts.

Product Style MC 3NP MC 5NP MC 6NP MC 10NP MC14NP MC 22NP MC 90NP
Thickness 0.08mm 0.13mm 0.15mm 0.25mm 0.35mm 0.55mm 1mm
Standard width 1000mm
Slitted tape width 12.5mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 75mm, 200mm, 500mm
Higher width fabric is also available on request.

Application for PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Fabrics

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