Standard Belt Splices

Mahavir Corporation provides a broad range of splices options suited to the performance specification of each belting system.

Teflon PTFE Overlap-Scarf Splice Fabric Belt
Overlap/Scarf Splice
Teflon PTFE Butt Splice Fabric Belt
Butt Splice
Teflon PTFE Finger Splice Fabric Belt
Finger Splice
Teflon PTFE Two Ply Overlap Splice Fabric Belt
Two Ply Overlap

Belt Tracking Device

The unyielding nature of PTFE coated fabrics can lead to tracking problem.It is recommended that PTFE belts be used with automatic tracking device or have incorporated tracking features such as edge guidance Steel Button,Eyelet or KR Rope.

Belt Tracking Button
Belt Tracking Eyelet
Belt Tracking KR Rope

Fusing Belt

The exclusive properties Mahavir's Belt,especially to perform in high temperature condition, excellent heat transfer,dimensional stability and non-stick characteristics makes it an indefensible across a wide spectrum of industries.

Teflon PTFE 2Ply Fusing Machine Belt
2 Ply Fusing M/c Belt
Teflon PTFE Fusing Machine Belt without Joint
Fusing M/c Belt without Joint
Teflon PTFE Fusing Machine Belt with Joint
Fusing M/c Belt with Joint
Teflon PTFE Sealing Machine Belt
Sealing M/c Belt

Application for PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts

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